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Using Banjo Licks in a Song (Episode 1)

Ready to sound more legit in your bluegrass banjo playing? Playing banjo is a lot more fun once you incorporate licks into your repertoire.

That's where Pocket Lick: Banjo can help!

Haven't heard of Pocket Lick: Banjo? It's the ultimate tool for learning bluegrass vocabulary on your mobile device. Click here to learn more in the iTunes Store. Android users click here.

Already got it? Great! 

In the recording below I give you insights and tips to use the Melodic #4 lick from the Pocket Lick: Banjo App in popular bluegrass songs.

p.s. We've titled this "Episode 1" because we'll be regularly posting tips here on the blog to help you use licks from Pocket Lick: Banjo and Guitar in your playing. 

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