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Learning music should be fun! Look no further than Listen & Learn.

Listen & Learn is a company dedicated to helping people learning music get better in new, efficient ways. Using our apps, you can take your playing to places unimaginable!

"One of the finest banjo apps I've seen."  

- Steve Martin

TuneFox is the ultimate banjo learning tool. Switch out licks inside the song to see/hear different arrangement ideas and train your ears to become a better improvisor.

Over 180 song variations and over 1000 licks. Click here to download for free!

Pocket Lick: Banjo 2

Get over 30 new and more advanced licks with PL2! 

Pocket Lick: Guitar

Our banjo app - for guitar! Become a flatpicking fiend with Pocket Lick: Guitar for iPad/iPhone and Android.

Pocket Lick: Banjo

Become a bluegrass language monster and learn all the hot licks so you can pick like a pro! With over 70 licks!

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